How did CHED Minecraft come about?

My son loves playing Minecraft, but I was initially rather wary of letting him play on a server. He signed up to a Minecraft homeschooling class and had a wonderful time playing on a server for the first time. However, as it was based in the USA, the time difference was an issue. He asked me to make a server for him to play with other children from the UK, so CHED Minecraft was born!

Do I have to be a Christian or home educated to join?

No. Most of our members come from Christian families as the server is only advertised in Christian groups. Many of the children are home educated, which means that they are not limited by school hours. We do expect anyone who joins to abide by the server rules and values.

What version of Minecraft do I need?

You will need the desktop version of Minecraft, which can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. Unfortunately, console editions and pocket editions of Minecraft are not able to access the CHED server.

How soon can I play?

After subscribing to the CHED server, your Minecraft username will need to be added to the server whitelist before you can log on. This is usually done within 48 hours but can occasionally take longer.

Can parents play on the server?

Yes, parents are welcome to play on the server whilst their children are online. Please let us know about any adults who want to play, as parents are given a different in-game rank.

How many players can access the server at once?

The current player limit is shown on the server login page. Whenever the server is close to capacity, we will upgrade our hosting to ensure that there are always enough spaces for everyone to play.

How can I contact an admin?

In-game you can use the command /helpop to send a message to admin. If there are no admins online, you can use the contact page to let us know about any problems or suggestions.

How is griefing dealt with?

Please contact an admin (see above) to let us know about any problems that cannot be resolved between players. We will investigate the incident and issue warnings or temporary bans as appropriate. We also have special tools which allow us to rollback and undo most griefing.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Paypal account or following the link below: