Our aim is to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for children to have fun playing Minecraft together. Our members are mostly Christian home educating families from the UK. The server is whitelisted, which means that only authorised players can access the server. There is an in-game chat filter and tools that help to protect against griefing.

Plot World

This world is ideal for younger children and children who are new to playing on a Minecraft server. Players can claim their own plots to build on, which are automatically protected from alteration by other players unless invited. There are no hostile mobs, PVP is disabled and the default mode is creative.

Normal World

This world is suitable for more experienced players who are able to understand and abide by anti-griefing rules. It is a normal Minecraft world, with a variety of different terrains and biomes to be explored. Players can choose to play in creative or survival mode. The difficulty is set to easy and PVP is enabled.