Quick Start Guide

If you are new to playing on Minecraft servers, this guide will help you get started. Don’t be afraid to ask other players if you are unsure about something, they are usually very happy to help!

Common abbreviations:

  • afk (away from keyboard)
  • brb (be right back)
  • gtg (got to go)
  • grats (congratulations)
  • lol (laughing out loud)
  • plz (please)
  • thx (thanks)

Useful commands:

  • /help
  • /helpop (contact an admin in-game)
  • /gamemode 0 (survival)
  • /gamemode 1 (creative)
  • /mv tp island
  • /mv tp plotworld
  • /mv tp world

Basic plot commands:

  • /plot claim
  • /plot merge
  • /plot clear
  • /plot add playername (allows another player to build on your plot only while you are online)
  • /plot remove playername
  • /plot trust playername (allows another player to build on your plot)
  • /plot untrust playername

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